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What is GO LOCAL?

A grass-roots initiative encouraging consumers and business people alike to commit to first consider local options for everything from shopping, entertainment and yes, banking. We all stand to gain by going local.

ICBA is proud to team up with MPI in equipping their members with tools and unique resources to promote this initiative at their locations. Please click "order now", to the right, and use the form to order GO LOCAL promotional items.

Why should you participate?

Community Bank “Go Local” Initiative

ICBA continues to remind consumers that now is the perfect time to join the “Go Local” movement by banking locally with their community bank. By doing so, consumers will enjoy the many benefits of community banking, including a relationship-based banking experience, superior customer service and the pride that comes with reinvesting in one’s community. ICBA encourages community banks to utilize these customizable media materials with their local press to help spread the “Go Local” message at the grassroots level.

With news media regularly reporting on widespread "big bank" dissatisfaction, it's time for local banks to show their communities the benefits of banking locally.

New accounts and transfers are at near record levels in America. Are they moving their accounts to your bank? They should be.

These new promotional tools are an engaging way to reach your community.